Economist with minor in finance and currently, senior student of master’s degree in economics from the Universidad de los Andes. She has worked as a research assistant in the faculty of science of the same university and assistant professor of the subject Data mining and its applications of the master’s program of the faculty of Economics, as well as assistant professor of the summer courses “Machine Learning and Public Policy ”and“ Econometrics and Machine Learning ”belonging to the same faculty. He has experience in the field of research, application of econometric techniques and use of machine learning algorithms. In particular, as a research assistant, he has worked on issues of international economics, education economics and fiscal policy. He has experience in the implementation of predictive models for the academic performance of students, predictive models for clients at risk of non-compliance, systems for the detection of anomalies, prediction of economic series and prediction of diagnosis and progression of chronic diseases. His areas of interest include quantitative methods, applied economics, machine learning techniques and their intersection with causal inference methods (impact assessment).