Christian Camilo Urcuqui López

Systems Engineer from ICESI University, Master in Computer Science and Telecommunications with emphasis on research from the same university, certified as Big Data Professional and Big Data Scientist, and specialist in Deep Learning. With experience in the software systems industry, his work involves development of native, web and desktop mobile applications, he has participated in three companies as a software engineer, one as a development and research leader, one as a data scientist and now He works as a research professor, in this last role, he has participated in different research projects, consulting and development of solutions involving issues related to data science, cybersecurity, radio spectrum management and health technologies. Some projects include: strategic program for the development of technological capabilities in technical spectrum testing, SafeCandy: computer security system for mobile applications with Android operating system, Cybersecurity 2: improvement of information security to websites in the public entities, Spectra: mobile and web system for analysis of the Aedes aegypti mosquito. Finally, their research areas involve cybersecurity and data science related topics, especially malware detection techniques, adversary techniques, secure learning, ethical hacking and threat intelligence. Author of the book “Cybersecurity: an approach from data science”.