Bachelor’s Degree in Economics with a double degree in History and a Master’s in Economics from La Universidad de Los Andes. He has been a professor at the same University for the classes of Microeconomics 2 and 3, and for continuing education courses focused on time series and algorithmic trading. In addition, he was a research assistant at the Center of Studies on Economic Development.

He has extensive experience as an economist focused on econometrics, time series analysis, portfolio analysis, financial risk management and algorithmic trading. He has been a participant in projects that combine the creation of economic models and robust analysis of large volumes of data to quantify and manage the risk financial risk of private companies such as Ecopetrol, Fiduoccidente, Homecenter and Scotia. Extensive knowledge of different Machine Learning algorithms like text mining, neural networks and classification models focused on algorithmic trading models that predict the direction of returns of the S&P 500 based on the feelings of investors. Advanced skills in software such as Python, R, Javascript, Dart, Flutter and Swift.