At Quantil we have a Management System for the Safety of Information (SGSI, by its Spanish acronym) in order to systematically manage the risk of our information assets. The SGSI controls all the activities related to the safety of the information in our operation and it is oriented to comply with the standard ISO 27001.

Our SGSI establishes mechanisms and good practices related to the following aspects:

  • Identity protection
  • Information Transmission
  • Information Handling
  • Information Storage
  • Recovery in Safety Failures

At Quantil, we have the technology infrastructure and the expertise needed to solve our customers’ needs. Our solutions typically run on a combination of on-premises and cloud resources compliant with the relevant expectancies of availability, scalability, and safety. We have expertise in the management of Linux and Windows servers and in the use of services from the main cloud providers, such as Linode and Amazon Web Services.

At Quantil, we create multi-platform web applications and hybrid mobile applications based on the last developments and flexible technologies that allow to broaden the scope of Quantil projects. The robustness of said technologies has significantly narrowed the gap between specialized software and the possibility of using it in more practical and portable environments.

Our team understands the specificity of the knowledge we create, and because of that, is able to respond to our customers´ specific needs, offering innovative solutions applied to their context. As a result of this, the applications we develop bring forth new ways of visualizing and interpreting the information resulting from solving different types of problems, such as those of mathematical finance, economic studies, and data mining.