Telecommunications Engineer, currently a student of the master’s degree in engineering and data andticica of the Jorge Tadeo Lozano University, Data analyst with two years of experience in the manipulation, analysis and visualization of information, working with structured and unstructured databases, focused mainly on the extraction, cleaning and manipulation of data for the execution of analytical techniques such as correlations, clustering , linear regression, scenario analysis, data mining, text analysis, visualization and web scraping with Python. Management of resources in the cloud using platform such as Google Cloud Platform, IBM Cloud, Azure and AWS from Amazon, skills with technological tools for loading, storing and manipulating large volumes of data such as Hadoop (Cloudera) and non-relational databases.

Great ability to solve problems. Responsible, autonomous and very meticulous. Highly committed to the fulfillment of duty and values. As a professional I have held positions in management and administration of companies in the commercial and financial sector, related to bank correspondent and professional purchase / sale of currencies, I have received training for compliance with SARLAFT and the creation and management of reports for reports to the