Juan Sebastián Moreno

Economist and Master in Economics from the Universidad de los Andes. He has worked as a professor of R: Statistics and Programming at the same university and professor of Mathematical Economics at the Universidad del Rosario. Currently, he teaches at the Universidad de los Andes the classes on Discrete mathematics for economists and Python , and he is the coordinator of the Continuing Studies programs of Analytics Projects in Python and Introduction to Quantitative Finance in R. He worked at the Ministry of Finance and Public Credit on risk issues regarding the nation’s liabilities. He worked as a researcher at CESED (Center for Studies on Safety and Drugs) of the Universidad de Los Andes where he specialized in issues related to coca cultivation and its determinants. He currently works as Associate Director of the Data Mining area at Quantil, where he has worked on data mining, machine learning, natural language processing, and deep learning. He has worked in projects related to credit scoring models, hospital emergency demand forecasting, language processing of legal texts, social networks, job descriptions and cancer diagnoses, fairness evaluations of prediction algorithms, retention models of customers, prediction of pollution, among others. He is currently investigating crime prediction models and fairness. His interests include applied mathematics and data mining applied to public policy.