We develop customized data-driven solutions

We design, develop and implement customized technological solutions leveraging mathematical models (optimization, machine learning, econometrics) to support our clients' decision making process.

Data analysis and processing

Mathematical modeling

Data-driven decision making

The first step of any project is to understand the business from its own data. Behind the information stored by our clients, we find valuable patterns for their business.

After understanding the business, we build and estimate mathematical models in a rigorous way that support decision making, and optimize and automate processes.

We incorporate our mathematical solution in technological tools to improve our clients' decision making process.


Text mining

Natural language processing, document pattern identification and extraction


Classification, regression and time series models


Customer and product grouping

Anomaly detection

Transaction and industrial process alerts generator

Computer Vision

Identification and extraction of information in images

Operations Research

Optimization of processes, routes, inventories and probabilistic models

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