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May 27, 2021Diego Montañez HerreraNowcasting economic activity from Google Trends: A Deep Learning approach in post-pandemicVideo
May 20, 2021Carlos Andrés Suárez AcostaPrivate management and strategic bidding behavior in electricity marketsVideo
May 13, 2021Alejandro Rojas BernalPricing the exotic: Path-dependent American options with stochastic barriersVideo
May 06, 2021Andrea Peláez RomeroSpatial-temporal dynamics in the overlapping and concentration of crimes: an applied case for Medellin. Video
April 29, 2021 Santiago SaavedraCoMiMo: detecting illegal mines using satelite data and machine learningVideo
April 22, 2021Andrés Zambrano, David Montoya, Andrés Álvarez & Hernando ZuletaThe role of the informal sector in the COVID crisis: a buffer or an amplifier?Summary
April 08, 2021Paula Rodriguez & Douglas NewballUnderstanding the effect of compliance to Quarantines and Lockdowns on Domestic Violence Occurrence in Bogotá.Summary
March 18, 2021Oscar Gomez, Alvaro Riascos & Sebastian QuinteroMethodologies for the analysis and prediction of homicides.Summary
February 25, 2021Carlos Andrés Rocha RuizDetection and analysis of economic sectors with perception of unfair competition.Summary
February 11, 2021Santiago Mosquera DazaAre Frequency and Severity independent in health insurance?Summary
January 28, 2021Natalia Santamaría MacíasDevelopment of a methodology for automatic identification of critical diagnoses at brain level in the Radiology department of the Fundación Valle del Lili.Summary
January 21, 2021Germain García ZanabriaVisual Analytics for Urban Crime AnalysisSummary
December 17, 2020Camilo Fernando Erasso FuertesColombian agriculture in pixels: new contributions to the inverse size-productivity relationshipSummary
December 10, 2020Felipe Montes JimenezSISCOVID: Systemic models of epidemiological intelligence to estimate the dynamics of COVID-19 infection supporting decision making for control and prevention.

November 19, 2020Cristian Camilo Urbano FlorianEvaluating probabilistic forecasting algorithms for hierarchical time seriesSummary
November 12, 2020Karl Thomas WarburtonA Review on Machine Learning for Neutrino ExperimentsSummary
November 05, 2020Carlos Eduardo León RincónDetecting anomalous payments networks: A dimensionality reduction approachSummary
October 22, 2020Jorge VictorinoPrediction model of brawls in Bogota using time series.Summary
October 15, 2020Luisa Fernanda ChaparroInterpretability on Sentiment Analysis of content related to Perception of SecuritySummary
October 01, 2020Natalia Serna Cost Sharing and the Demand for Health Services in a Regulated MarketSummary
September 17, 2020Kevin Steven Mojica MuñozArtificial Intelligence to Predict Corruption in Colombia's Municipal Public AdministrationSummary
August 27, 2020José Sebastian Ñungo ManrriqueStochastic Gradient and Stochastic Approximation Applied to Q-learningSummary
August 13, 2020 Oscar Gomez Interpretable Machine Learning: Methods and ChallengesSummary
July 09, 2020Gabriel Alfonso Patron Herrera Principled Training of Generative Adversarial Networks with Wasserstein metric and Gradient PenaltySummary
June 11, 2020Alvaro J. Riascos & Juan David MartinMacro Model - SIR for ColombiaSummary
June 11, 2020Estudiantes Curso Cuantificación de Riesgos Universidad de los AndesPublic Policy Optimization Model to Address COVID-19Summary
May 28, 2020Jesús Botero García, Diego Montañez Herrera, Matheo Arellano & Marcos GonzálezMacroeconomics in COVID-19 times: a stochastic dynamic equilibrium analysis for Colombia (Topic 2).Presentation
May 28, 2020Jesús Alonso Botero García & Diego Fernando Montañez HerreraEffects of COVID-19 on the Colombian economy: A computable general equilibrium analysisPresentation
May 22, 2020Francisco GómezPredictive Models for Personal Injury and Perception of SafetyPresentation_1
May 14, 2020Juan Moreno, Sebastian Quintero, Cristian Sánchez, Alvaro
Riascos & Luis G. Nonato
Homicide prediction from graph structures and sequential signal processing features. (Topic 1)Presentation
May 14, 2020Paula Rodríguez, Mateo Dulce, Juan S. Moreno, Álvaro J. Riascos & Jorge E. Camargo.Spatio-temporal models with street-level image features for robbery modeling (Topic 2)Presentation
April 02, 2020Diego GutiérrezMachine Learning Implementation in Experimental Particle PhysicsPresentation
November 21, 2019Paula Jaramillo & Çağatay KayıMatching markets: Recent developmentsPresentation
November 18, 2019Sebastián Quintero SotoNumerical Weather Prediction and Data AssimilationPresentation
September 26, 2019Paula Jaramillo & Çağatay KayıMatching markets: An overviewPresentation
May 31, 2019Sebastián CalceteroUse of Generalized Additive Models in the Estimation of Non-Homogeneous Discrete Markov Chains: Applications in Actuarial Multi-State ModelingPresentation
May 16, 2019Jeisson Prieto Complex networks for Foot-and-Mouth Disease (FMD) vulnerabilityPresentation
February 14, 2019Javier Hernan Garcia Sanchez"Super-Resolution" in multiple dimensions and some applications.Presentation
December 13, 2018Sebastián CalceteroStatistical analysis of functional data and its application in the study of PM10 in Bogota, ColombiaPresentation
November 29, 2018José Miguel Quintero Applications of sliding windows to function periodicityPresentation
November 22, 2018David Mauricio DelgadoPhotoring: Architecture for storing, viewing and browsing large volumes of photosPresentación.
November 15, 2018Paula Rodriguez Díaz Regression with random projections for functional dataPresentation
November 01, 2018Diego Jara PinzónModels based on Prices
Futures and Extension of Lévy's Theorem
November 01, 2018Diego Jara PinzónThesis Price-Based Models
Futures and Extension of Lévy's Theorem
September 13, 2018Valérie Gauthier UmañaCode-Based, Post-Quantum CryptographyPresentation
September 06, 2018Santiago Lozano SandinoSemiparametric autoregressive Poisson autoregressive model applied to vehicle theft in BogotáPresentation
May 10, 2018Jorge Florez AcostaAn empirical analysis of loyalty programs and the demand for private labels.Presentation
April 26, 2018Carlos Arturo Hurtado MartillettiStrategic Pricing and Positioning in Response to Tax Notches: Evidence From Gasoline Retail Presentation
April 05, 2018Francisco BarrerasSpectral Clustering and TransitivityPresentation
March 22, 2018John Eduardo Realpe GómezApplications of statistical physics to the study of norms and cooperation in human groups.
March 08, 2018Ramiro Guerrero CarvajalDuration of maternity leave and fertility in developing countries: Empirical analysisPresentation
February 22, 2018Daniel F. Ávila On controllability of Markov chains: A Markov decision process approach.Presentation
February 15, 2018Hamadys BenavidesPredicting academic performance at Universidad de los AndesPresentation
February 08, 2018Julián E. Chitiva BocanegraIntroduction to tropical geometry and its application to mechanism designPresentation
February 01, 2018Álvaro RiascosComparing Efficient Nearest Neighbor Techniques for Support Vector Machines in Large Feature SpacesPresentation
November 16, 2017Andres Felipe Romero
Multi−View Facial Expression RecognitionNot available
October 26, 2017Jose Ricardo Arteaga A link between poverty and epidemics Presentation
October 19, 2017Alvaro Riascos Robust Inference using the Wasserstein Metric with Machine Learning Applications Presentation
October 05, 2017 Daniel de Roux Detection of tax fraud using unsupervised analysis Presentation
September 28, 2017Sergio Garrido Predicting crime in Bogotá using Kernel WarpingPresentation
September 21, 2017Alejandro Betancourt Arango Egohands: Hands-based Methods in First Person VisionNot available
September 14, 2017Juan Malagón Comparative study of discovery-based learning, schema learning and direct instruction in Colombian schools Presentation
August 17, 2017Juan David MartínEstimation of a structural model of competition in the Colombian electricity spot MarketPresentation
August 10, 2017Mauricio RomeroOutsourcing Education in a Fragile State: Experimental Evidence from LiberiaNot available
July 06, 2017Juan Carlos CorreaThe Colombia Signed Peace Agreement: A Text Mining AnalysisNot available
June 22, 2017Carlos Andres Reyes Deep Learning ApplicationsNot available
June 08, 2017
Nicolás Gómez ParraStrategic performance of power plants in the Colombian power marketPresentation
June 01, 2017Alejandro FegedMalaria intensity in Colombia by regions and populationsPresentation
May 18, 2017Mateo DulceManifold LearningPresentation
May 11, 2017Juan Camilo CamposAnomalous Node Detection in Homophilic Networks with Communities of Varying SizePresentation
May 04, 2017Enrique ArrietaMock Data ChallengePresentation
April 27, 2017Simón RamírezRandom Samples of Abstract Data TypesPresentation
April 20, 2017Santiago Saavedra PinedaThe response of illegal mining to a tax reform in ColombiaPresentation
April 06, 2017Hernán Rincón y Carlos León RincónThe evolution of world trade from 1995 to 2014. A network approachPresentation
March 30, 2017Juan Felipe CerónBogotá crime forecastPresentation
March 23, 2017Francisco GómezComputational Modeling of Biological SystemsPresentation
March 09, 2017
David F. Echeverry Perez 
Funding Fragility in the Residential-Mortgage MarketPresentation
March 02, 2017Juan David MartínRelationship between market structure and efficiency in the Colombian banking sectorPresentation
February 23, 2017Nicolás de RouxCredit Scoring Meets Agricultural Lending: Exogenous Shocks, Recovery and Access to Formal CreditPresentation
February 16, 2017Andrés Gómez EscobarDiscrete conic quadratic optimization: strong formulations and algorithmsPresentation
February 09, 2017Mónica Ribero y Felipe SuárezText summaries: Peace agreements pageNot available
February 02, 2017Natalia SernaMarket power, contracts and outcomes: the case of patients with long-term diseases in the colombian health care systemPresentation
January 26, 2017Alejandro Correa BahnsenExample-Dependent Cost-Sensitive Classification: Applications in Financial Risk Modeling and Marketing AnalyticsPresentation
December 15, 2016Pietro BonaldiMotives and Consequences of Libor MisreportingPresentation
November 24, 2016Mónica RiberoMobility and trajectory data miningPresentation
November 10, 2016Camilo Restrepo ArangoContent in context: Automatic information enrichment for news contextualization
November 03, 2016
Natalia Serna y Alvaro Riascos
Machine learning models with applications to public health.
Presentation 1

Presentation 2
October 27, 2016
Juan David Martin y Alvaro Riascos
Machine learning models with applications to public health
Presentation 2

Presentation 1
October 20, 2016Juan David MartínChild Care MarketsPresentation
October 13, 2016Natalia SernaInsurer Competition and Negotiated HospitalPresentation
September 22, 2016Olga BarriosEntropy in financial seriesPresentation
September 15, 2016Juan Pablo LozanoAnomaly detectionPresentation
September 08, 2016David PerdomoMathematics applied to SoccerPresentation
September 01, 2016Mónica RiberoNot available Not available
August 25, 2016Carlos DíazTopological data analysisNot available
August 18, 2016Francisco BarrerasTopic Modelling in Twitter: A menu of ideasPresentation
August 11, 2016Óscar Andrés EspinosaLeverage in financial series using a TAR modelPresentation
July 28, 2016Fabián LatorreNot available Not available
July 21, 2016Rafael MontoyaEvolutionary strategies on dataPresentation
July 07, 2016Daniel De RouxData Mining LimitsNot available
June 23, 2016Natalia SernaPosition AuctionsPresentation
June 16, 2016Mónica RiberoNot available Not available
May 12, 2016Felipe SuárezProblem of two samplesNot available
May 05, 2016Francisco BarrerasThesisNot available
April 28, 2016Andrés GaleanoThesisNot available
April 21, 2016Erick TranslateurNot available Not available
April 14, 2016Álvaro MonteroThesisPresentation
April 07, 2016Andrés GaleanoAHPNot available
March 17, 2016Álvaro RiascosNetworks and NLPPresentation
March 10, 2016Diego Jara2008 crisis and credit derivativesPresentation 1

Presentation 2
March 03, 2016Daniel de RouxNot available Not available
February 25, 2016Thomas DionysopoulosRiemannian Geometry in Finance and programing languages.Not available
February 04, 2016Elioth SanabriaAlgorithms for solving expected value problems with known marginal distributionsNot available
January 28, 2016Aldo ParejaImplications of Information in Route Choices on a Transportation NetworkPresentation
January 14, 2016Carlos DíazEarly Warning Systems for Crime Hot SpotsPresentation
December 17, 2015Natalia SernaEstimation of production functionsPresentation
December 10, 2015Daniel RojasStochastic dominancePresentation
December 03, 2015Mónica RiberoRecommendation SystemsPresentation
November 05, 2015
Emilio Silva y Francisco Barreras
Git and Evernote
Presentation 2

Presentation 1
October 29, 2015Francisco BarrerasAdvanced Regular ExpressionsPresentation

Ejercicios Prácticos
October 01, 2015DocumentaryBitcoin: the end of money as we know it.Not available
September 24, 2015Emilio SilvaFormal grammarsNot available
September 17, 2015Juan Pablo LozanoAlternate bidding gamesNot available
September 10, 2015Daniel De RouxVirtual currencies and cryptocurrencyNot available
August 27, 2015Francisco BarrerasForecast ManipulationPresentation
August 13, 2015Daniel De RouxCryptographyPresentation
July 09, 2015Juan David MartínDynamic and Strategic Behavior in Electricity MarketsHTML file

June 04, 2015Natalia SernaImperfect CompetitionNot available
May 28, 2015Sergio CameloStatistical Models of CrimePresentation
May 22, 2015Natalia SernaDiscrete choice modelsPresentation
May 07, 2015Franciso BarrerasMine DetectionPresentation 1

Presentation 2
April 23, 2015Adrián VisbalPrediction with Expert AdvicePresentation
April 09, 2015María de ArteagaCanonical Autocorrelation AnalysisNot available
March 12, 2015Adrián VisbalRandom Forest Application: Alg.Trend_IDPresentation
February 26, 2015Emilio SilvaComputational LinguisticsPresentation
February 19, 2015Miguel BernalSentiment AnalysisHTML file
January 29, 2015Diego JaraStock market predictability with text miningPresentation
December 04, 2014Carlos Patiño & Emilio SilvaQuanTweetNot available
November 27, 2014Natalia SernaNot availableNot available
November 13, 2014Óscar SolerTelephony LawsuitPresentation
October 30, 2014
Miguel Bernal
H-MeasurePresentation 1

Presentation 2
October 16, 2014Sergio CameloDeep LearningPresentation
September 11, 2014Mauricio RomeroPharmaceutical PricesPresentation 1

Presentation 2
September 04, 2014Ricardo PachónDerivatives: Global and higher order hedgingDemo 1

Demo 2

Presentation 1

Presentation 2
August 28, 2014Emilio SilvaTwitter SentimentPresentation
August 14, 2014Juan Pablo LozanoHidden Markov ModelsPresentation
August 11, 2014Sergio CameloStatistical Models of Criminal BehaviorPresentation
July 17, 2014Mauricio RomeroOptimal answer-copying indexPresentation
June 19, 2014Julio BarragánVWAPPresentation
May 29, 2014Sergio CameloSupport VectorsPresentation
May 22, 2014Adrián VisbalConsistent Risk MeasuresPresentation
April 30, 2014Sergio CameloData mining and crimePresentation
April 24, 2014Sebastián MontañoAllocation MarketsPresentation
April 10, 2014Luis Felipe ParraRandom ForestsPresentation
March 27, 2014Alejandra CaroIdentification of heterogeneous effects using anomalous pattern detection algorithmsPresentation 1

Presentation 2
February 27, 2014Óscar SolerAutomobile Prices in Market EquilibriumPresentation
February 13, 2014Álvaro RiascosNetwork TheoryPresentation 1

Presentation 2
January 30, 2014María de ArteagaBoosting of treesPresentacion
December 12, 2013
Miguel Bernal
Auto-associative multivariate regression trees (AAMRT)Presentation
November 21, 2013Elioth SanabriaOptimal portfolio selection using clustersPresentation
October 24, 2013Sergio CameloAn introduction to k-neighbors, LDA and kernelsPresentation
September 16, 2013María de ArteagaText mining applications to author profiling.Presentation
August 17, 2010

Mauricio Romero, Diego Jara & Alvaro RiascosGeographic ProfilingNot available
August 24, 2010

Santiago Saavedra

Electoral contest

Not available
August 31, 2010Alvaro RiascosNot availableNot available
September 14, 2010
Jairo Rendon & Argemiro Morales
Sequential DesignNot available
September 21, 2010

September 21, 2010

Efficient allocation of resources: application to flights

Not available
October 26, 2010
Paula JaramilloNot availableNot available
November 02, 2010Santiago MoraNot availableNot available
November 09, 2010Mauricio RomeroNot availableNot available