Economist and business administrator from Universidad de los Andes, with a master's degree in economics from the same university. Project Manager of Financial Mathematics, with seven years of experience in Quantil SAS. He has also worked at Universidad de los Andes as a researcher, assistant consultant and complementary professor in different courses for six years. He is a professor in the courses of Risk Measurement and Management, as well as Portfolio Optimization of Continuing Education at Universidad de los Andes. He has conducted training in R for entities in the financial sector. He directed the development of a risk measurement and management system for companies in the Oil&Gas, automotive, agricultural, livestock and retail sectors. He has participated in the construction of portfolios of different investment funds. He has participated or led multiple valuation projects, including the valuation of a fixed income investment portfolio with a nominal value of more than one trillion pesos. Finally, he developed his master thesis in economics on portfolio allocation, implementing the extension for non-normal distributions in the Colombian stock market, by means of copulas and multivariate optimization methodologies, achieving portfolios consistently higher than the market return, at least 1.5% per year.